Hey everyone!

Sorry for no post this week– I tried out a blog post in a new style, but it didn’t work out for several reasons, so I’m going to try again this coming Sunday :).

Just a short summary since my last post: on Tuesday, I had a great leaving talk with my professor of 3.5 years, Prof. Conway. On Weds, I spent the entire day with Christine and her dad, which was incredibly lovely, and I can’t thank them enough for their generosity and huge, warm-hearted souls. Thursday, I had a leaving lab lunch with the long-term members of my lab, which was a nice ending to my time there. Thursday night, my mother and sister Leslie arrived in Boston after a long cross-country car trip from Minnesota to Boston. Then on Friday and Saturday, my mother and I did the return trip from Boston to Minnesota (after dropping off Leslie at Wellesley! She’s pleased to be back for her sophomore year). Sunday I returned home and had a two-hour long Skype chat with my best friend Tiffany, who is enjoying her time at med school and working very hard :). And then I’ve been working this week, as well as hanging out with my sister Nicole! There’s a few things I’d like to accomplish this September, so I’m keeping busy. My visa for Cambridge just arrived in the mail today as well, which only serves as more motivation :).

Hope you’re all well– happy end of August!


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