The rowing pics

Hey :).

So, I row for Lucy Cavendish’s College team in the W1 (Women’s 1) boat. There’s also a W2 and a W3 boat, though only the W1 and W2 boats compete. Last week was Bumps, which is a Cambridgian tradition which involves playing tag with a whole row of boats from different Colleges– the goal is to catch up to and hit the boat in front of you before the boat behind you does the same. It’s a four-day affair, and if you catch the boat in front of you all four days, you get “Blades”. If you get caught all four days, you get “Spoons”. Both the W1 and W2 boats got blades this year, which is unprecedented, and the W1 boat moved into the first division of the competition, which is also unprecedented. Basically it was the most successful outcome the women’s boat club could have possibly achieved, and last week, accompanied by beautiful weather, was an exciting time.

Moreover, yesterday the W1 boat competed in WeHorr, Women’s Eights Head of the River Race on the Thames in London. It was fantastic, and I’ll write about it in a bit. We started out as 163rd out of 300-some boats (including some of the best boats in the UK and some boats from abroad), and in the end our time placed us this year as 84th. Which, as you might expect, is also unprecedented. So it’s been a really successful two boating weeks, and my father has asked for photos since he’s not been inundated by the truly impressive amount being foisted upon my Facebook friends, so here’s a collection of some of my favorite rowing photos from this week. (Featuring yours truly, since I usually only check through the ones that pop up on my Facebook wall ;P.)

WeHorr :). It was so fun to see all of the boats on the Thames.
Another WeHorr, taken from Hammersmith Bridge. This was a long race– it was 7k with the tide for the actual race, and 7k against the tide on the way back :).
And the rest of these were from Bumps on the Cam :).


Whenever you Bump (means you hit the boat in front of you on that day), you wear “greenery” on your head so that everyone knows you Bumped when you row back to your boathouse. (So many traditions here :)).
Awesome team, coach, and cox. We have, from left to right: April, me, Sarah, Gemma, Joelle, Stella, Hannah, Sally, Poly, and Abbey.
Here we are about to bump. You can see the high degree of boat overlap here, and also how narrow the Cam is and how crazy the corners are…


We’re all “holding it up” here, which (depending on the country) means putting your blades sideways to slow the boat down. We don’t look like we’re racing at this point ;).



Boat club dinner afterwards :). W2 boat is standing, and W1 is on the bottom.


Rowing photos :). I was at Lucy at the right time, right place, with a great team… such a great experience :).


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