Quick bit of prose poetry

Hey all!

There’s a very long post incoming (… still in progress. Wow.) However, I was reading one of my friends’ blogs and was enraptured as per usual by his poetry. Every time I read his work he makes me want to write.

So here’s a quick 400 words just for fun :). (And obviously reflecting a current mindset with unknown influence on mindset in the future.) Happy Wednesday!



Tell Me How I Should Be Dating


Have you ever been in love?

I’ve never been in love.

Music sings to me about it and

stories spill to me about it and

friends moon endlessly about it and

everyone’s yearning and searching about it

and would y’all please just be

Quiet, please, because we’re missing—

we could be thinking

about the stars.


I want to talk about the stars.

Want to talk about the universe

Want to whisper about the winding equations

that encapsulate our world


Want to bellow about our causes

Listen in rapture to how people care

What they’re doing to make humanity better

How they’re going to change

the future


I want to wrap myself

around peoples’ thoughts

their faith

their goals

their beliefs

Want to contemplate and reflect


back into the rippling ponds of their minds.


I’ve never been in love

but I want to think about humanity’s calamities

its success stories and how hard we believe—

Want to be so grateful water blinks on my eyes


I like songs that scream we’ll be something

Songs about making our name known to the world

about political movements

social change

making a difference

making an effect

being here

being something

being the BEST be the BEST being HUMAN


I know, I know

I know I’m missing out on my every day

Know I’m missing out on the best thing I could do in my life

Missing out on waves of emotion

Worlds unimaginable

I know I know

You tell me

(I’ve never been in love)

You tell me.


But I don’t want to be a mother

Will never feel the way you do

Don’t want to feel it

Choose my own

and if it wasn’t the unknown
(I love the unknown) I would

Dismiss it

because it’ll be great, sure

But it won’t be my legacy.


My legacy will be the knowledge created in my wake

The people who learn something, discover something from my efforts

The world just a little bit clearer when I’m gone

Ideas a little more reflective where I’ve left them


(I’ve never been in love)

But this is my beauty

This is what I feel and know

and wish upon the world.


I wish knowledge and learning and fascination

Patience and reflection and listening

Open-hearted and open-minded and yearning


These are my stars. (do you see them?)

This is my love.

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