Another poem

Hypotheticals / Morning Wake-Up / Dream Interrupted

(this one doesn’t mean anything)


What if

What if we lived in a world

where we just lived one day over and over again

until we got it right?


We might live in // universes, even

where we’re living each day of our life over and over again

until we have enough team to make it complete

until we hit : team = 7

we play until t = 6 finally becomes team = 7

one day

years later

just waiting at the console

can’t accomplish the day’s goals



all of our mysterious players—


logs in.


What would that be like?

If I were a writer

(I’m not, really)

had all those characterizations

down in my head

I’d write a story

with all of these dreams that dredge along with me

upon waking


Those stories I’m dreaming of at six in the morning

Sitting there breathing over a mug of

lemon ginger tea

I don’t like lemon ginger.

I want a gas-o-later, methyl-la-tor

whatever those breathing things are my

younger brother wore for his asthma

just sitting here liquefying the snot in my nose / chest

it doesn’t mean anything or anything

just like the dreams don’t

just like

you know what

I’mma make it mean something.


What are the common tropes in the literature?

(Good, snot draining out my nose)

(I’m sick, I’m not, like, crying)

(But I feel like I wish I could drink this stuff

instead of just breathing it in)

Ah, I got it, we’re all waiting for someone.

Dunno who I’m waiting for, exactly,

But let’s say I’m a writer: doesn’t really matter

what I think

just what I make you—

universally, mind you, through the medium of these

effervescent, astonishing characterizations

that I’ll create, of course

— what these universal and magical dreamlike hypothetical


— what the characters they

make you believe.


So we’ve got these characters

(I’m not going to like,

name them for you—I’m a concept person,

otherwise I’d be writing the goddamn story)

and they’re waiting for one last person

on the video game console of their lives

(resigned to it, really, some of them.

One of them’s a military / astronaut kind of guy.

Right? Doesn’t really matter I guess ))

And we’re waiting on one more because

Literary Tropes

Waiting for life to begin

or rather, for it finally to move on

until we’ve got everyone you need to

finally get it right, dammit, this

is a game so you’ll get it



It doesn’t mean anything


I don’t like when things don’t mean anything

and it’s even worse when

things say on the face of them they don’t

mean anything but

the creator things they do or

someone or multiple someones

outside the creator thinks they do

and all of a sudden you’re searching for

symbolisms and stuff and stuff and stuff


I digress.


(That’s what my 10th-grade English teacher used to say.)


Snot’s mostly drained now,

I can go back to bed.

I can see that military guy though in my head

who’s tired of having his plane crash

day after day

because he’s missing this absent person / copilot / person

just sighing and fixing every other detail of his life

because he’s stuck here anyway

why not

and then she suddenly shows up one day



her screen’s blinked on red

and she’s like:


And all of the team = six stare at her

having worked out this day to perfection

without her soon-to-be fumbling attempts.


And they’re like,


You’re the detail of

my leftover life

Everything I’ve got left of me

is – not yours, exactly

not waiting on you, exactly

everything (all my feelings or angst

or frustration, whatever

Everything I was waiting for

that’s you by the way)

You’re the detail

the goddamn person

the trope (because, like, you’re the one)

The world smells like lemon ginger tea

and, situationally, I guess,


I suppose,





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