My life goal is to be recognized for a new and important contribution to humanity’s knowledge. I believe that “new and important” is relevant only to the human race; that there is nothing particularly special about us, that when we are gone the universe will go on, that since we are here and enjoying life that we should make the most of it. I believe I’m incredibly lucky to be alive, to have been blessed with my particular circumstances, and to be surrounded by a fascinating world and to be fascinated. I think that everyone should have the opportunity to achieve their life goals and that it is important to help people do so. I love and enjoy people, especially in their interactions with each other, and figuring out why they do the things they do is something I will never tire of trying to understand.

(Does that cover everything? Is it a sufficient summary of what I am about? Add in the average human vices and needs, love of exercise, weird food fixations, enjoyment of introspection and thinking, reading, and writing, and I think that’s essentially the best of me.)

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