Hey all!

I’ve finally gotten this “Thoughts” page up and running– it will stand in opposition to my absurdly long usual posts, and just be short things that pop into my head every day. I’ve been typing these things out in Word docs for years, and have recently decided to try to shorten these documents rather than lengthen them.

Hopefully people like this. The most annoying possibility I see is for those few brave souls who are subscribed to this blog, and are going to now get spammed constantly. I haven’t found a way to allow you to only subscribe to specific categories– my main posts are in the “Main” category– though I’m hoping to solve this problem by posting regularly so you can just check the blog on a specific day of the week.

And the experiment begins :). Based on feedback I’ll either continue this thread or delete it all, so let me know!

Thanks as always for reading :).


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