Mini post

Hey all,

Hope you’re all doing well! My life just got super suddenly busy :).

Admittedly, if I’d planned it better, it wouldn’t have been so sudden, but basically it’s the end of the semester and deadlines are happening. Two fellowships and two final projects for me, then I’m home free through winter break!

Last week was very fun with the Dallinger kick-off event (that’s what I was presenting for last week), and all’s shaping to be very nice this week as well. I like feeling like I’m accomplishing stuff, and a lot of the time I assign myself to do social activities, but I also always enjoy when I’m like: “no, Monica, just stay in bed and do work all day, you need to write a paper”. And I’m slowly getting into that work-mode, which I’ve missed, except that it’s not actually happening because friends are awesome and I keep getting to hang out with them once a day, which is also really quite optimal :).

(I’ve got my song picked out and everything for work-mode. I usually write while listening to a pump-up song, except music is very distracting, so I solve that problem by picking a song and then listening to it a ridiculous number of times. The one I chose for my undergrad thesis I listened to something like 450 times, and I had a mixture of approx. 3 for my Masters thesis, but the main song was probably something like 100-200 or so. I don’t have as much time to write this essay, but the hours are already adding up ;P).

Today I had someone handfeed me computer science-inspired philosophy. It was really, really lovely. Have I mentioned that I adore when people are good explainers and also talk about stuff I like learning about? The group “Human-Compatible Artificial Intelligence” on campus has been a spectacular experience, and I owe great thanks to Smitha for inviting me and the people there. (Thanks so much for teaching us, Andrew!)

Heh. Need to go turn in these applications now. (One of my essays becomes a complete disaster at paragraph 4. As it goes.) Best of luck with end of year stuff, and happy December!


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