I’m looking at her and she says: “I don’t really want to interact with people right now—I’ve been on my own before, and I’m going to do it again.”

What do I say to that? So many things to say. But there’s only a split-second of time, a combination of how I feel right now – how I feel about her – how I feel about the situation – now:

I say: “Okay.”

I say: “How so?”

I say: “That’s silly.”

I say: “I wish I could do that,”

I say: “Why not?”

I say: “Sounds like you’re just saying that,”

I say: “That has never worked for me, but”

I say: “Is everything okay?”

Lots of alternative worlds, but time only runs one direction in this one. Which do you choose in that split-second?


(I’m learning a lot from others. I know where I want to be.)

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