Thank you

To the people who run out on the porch, yelling “Bye Monica! Have a good time!”

To the people who stand next to me and whisper contradictions to what others confidently claim.

To the people who walk along with me and let me monologue for an hour.

To the people who laugh at the stories I tell to make them laugh.

To the people who acknowledge how I am expressing, rather than just what I am.

To the people who know me well, and make all the predictions I could ask for.

To the people who think I’m being silly, but who indulge me anyway.

To the people who tell me I’m all right, and they’re all right and they care.

To the people who take my side, even though life has so many sides to be taken.

To the people who tell me I can do everything by myself, but they’re also there.

I care about truth. I care about people telling me the truth, and looking for truth, and listening to truths when people try to help me grow. I care most about this, in fact. It’s the kind of person I want to be.

But sometimes, when I forget that my world is bright and beautiful and lovely, and just need a small reminder…

Thank you to all of those people. You make me who I want to be.


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