(No post this week)

Hey everyone!

I had an intriguing experience on Saturday and wrote about it– but it’s unfortunately a non-public post, so email me if you’d like a copy :). Sadly I’m out of time for blogging for tonight because of that. I think it’s possible I’ll end up posting on a random day this week since I’ve been in the process of mulling a topic over, but everything’s gotten busy, because there’s a good possibility that I’ll be submitting my first conference paper on Feb 1st!

Despite having written quite a few research proposals, and two theses (undergrad and masters) I’ve never actually been first author on a research paper. I’m not at that stage yet– this is a 6-page paper to apply to the Cognitive Science Society Conference (colloquially known as “CogSci”), not quite as long as a full research paper– but the concept’s pretty similar. That means I’ve been collecting data, analyzing data, attempting to model said data, and trying to write up the data, on a very condensed timescale. Things are coming along, and I really really hope everything is finished by the deadline.

Doing research is thus taking up most of my time, though classes also started today! I’m taking Prof. Griffith’s “Probabilistic Models of Cognition”, in which every topic looks relevant (ah, the joys of taking a class taught by your research advisor who had the explicit aim of teaching this class to his lab). I’ll be taking my required neuroscience courses (ethics and project presentation I think? We shall see), and I’m still toying with my last course. I’m thinking about sitting in on Deep Reinforcement Learning (application of deep learning methods to reinforcement learning), and taking Agent-Based Modeling (a sociology course discussing how people create computational agents, put them in constructed computational environments, and watch what happens). Human Compatible AI meetings will be starting up as well, and of course there are various lectures that happen every week. It’s a good life, man. So much stimuli!

Friends are good, exercise is good, sleep is good, food is happening, work is going along. Hope you’re all doing great, and I’d love to acquire a penpal if anyone’s willing! I’d love to hear about your lives.

Best wishes and see you next week,



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