(…No post this week either)

Hey all :).

Apologies for the lack of posting! While undergraduate life went through a series of AHH PRESSING DEADLINES — no we’re okay — AHHHH MORE PRESSING DEADLINES pretty constantly throughout the semester, grad school seems to have fewer of them, but my ability to cope has correspondingly decreased :P. The deadline in question is “paper submission to Cognitive Science Society Conference due Feb 1st”, and I was existing in a state of mild panic leading up to this weekend. I am happy to report that the degree of doomed that I am with regards to this deadline has been decreasing, ever since a beautiful breakthrough engineered by my favorite post-doc. Much appreciation (and walls of “why???” text) to Jordan.

The weather has been weird, I am now hanging out in a room with windows so I can observe that the weather has been weird, and all is hopefully going to be well on the paper front. I’ve cut down on non-essential functions, including: more-than-maximal-happiness-inducing social outings, feelings about other people and the world in general (though much has been happening in the world!), and Monica’s internal state of affairs. I have not cut down on eating, exercising, sleeping, or reading: not for lack of trying, but for lack of success. It’s a good life.

See you on the other end!



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