No post this week

Hey readers!

Well, darn. Due to poor planning, I don’t have time for a post tonight! This is too bad because I had plans, and in fact I have several small pieces that I’d written up over the weekend. However, they’re a bit angsty and not suitable as stand-alones, because I’d given myself a touch of food poisoning again. (…”I always forget that this is unpleasant until I do it to myself every six months. But are you going to change your behavior, Monica? Nooooo…”). It was also grey outside and I’d made a stupid research mistake and I was just generally being grumpy to myself. But then my supervisor told me I was doing what I was supposed to do with regards to research (notes to myself: “Monica, you are needy mess of external validation. BUT I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER”). And I hung out with friends and the sun came out and all was well again. I want to write! Alas, my time allocation skills have conspired against me.

But why don’t you post tomorrow, Monica, you say? And the answer is: I’m going to Rationality Camp from tomorrow through to Sunday! It’s not actually called Rationality Camp– it’s called the Center for Applied Rationality Workshop– but I’m hoping it will be just as awesome as Space Camp, so “Rationality Camp” it shall be. As participants, we’re going to be kept occupied from wake-up to bedtime, it seems, so I don’t think I’ll have time for anything besides all of the exciting introspective and social activities I bet they have planned. I don’t actually know what they have planned, but I suspect it’s going to be stimulating and involve both of the above.

Thus, prepare yourselves for an enormous report come next week, because I anticipate this is going to be great. I’m taking my spring break a week early, I’m trying to finish up all of my needs-to-get-done-now work, and taking actions to get myself in a good mental state for the happenings. (Ha– I noticed that I tend to push myself to interact with close friends when I know that there may be trouble on the horizon. Pulling in all of the feel-goods in anticipation!)

Thanks all for your patience, and wishing you great weeks!



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