No post this week

Hey readers,

I just came back from what I’m calling Rationality Camp– in actuality the “Center for Applied Rationality Workshop”– and I am speechless. I’m really the opposite of speechless, and have filled many handwritten pages just trying to process the last few days, but everything is in such a state of wonderful confusion in my mind that I might as well be speechless with respect to this blog. I was sitting with some friends tonight, and one of them asked how it was, and I said: “Um. I don’t actually have the prepared story for how I’m going to tell this to people. Um…”

It was incredible, though. Really, really incredible, to the point where I feel this is a turning point in my life. This whole journey of arriving in Berkeley has been a turning point, and this is layered on top of that and significant in itself. I haven’t really lived enough to tell just how great of a change this is– my magnitude estimates seem likely to be off– but I’m excited to see what changes come out of this new way of thinking.

I’m hopeful I’ll have something sorted by next week that I can write about, but until then I’m going into processing-mode for a while! Best wishes everyone,


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