No post this week

Hey all :).

I have been doing much thinking, and much experiencing, and also attempting to get work done before the semester ends, so much progress is being made… but all the time spent on the above means that I have run out of time to write it up :). However, because I don’t want to leave this post completely blank, I thought I’d give some general announcements related to research! (About time, right? :P)

  • I received the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Honorable Mention 🙂
  • My friend received the Hertz Fellowship (12 people in the nation! So proud :))
  • Another friend decided to go to Berkeley for graduate school!
  • The new Berkeley neuroscience graduate students (coming in next year) are 8:1 female to male 🙂 (this is offset by different ratios in previous years)
  • My friends Christine and Carson have both joined the Gallant lab!
  • My other first-year neuroscience buddies have also joined labs that they are excited about 🙂
  • I will likely be heading to two conferences this summer, one in Australia (International Conference on Machine Learning) and one in London (where I get to give a talk!)
  • I’m currently working on a project on how people fairly allocate goods. This was my rotation project with Prof. Anca Dragan, and I get to continue working on it with her until it’s finished 🙂
  • My postdoc came and visited (he’s the best :)), and we made plans for how to continue the project I was working on in February, on large-scale social memory.
  • I’m hoping to assist on a project in collaboration with three really awesome, almost-graduating grad students, and shall see what happens on that front!

In unrelated announcements, I’m starting therapy officially tomorrow, and I’m going to be tutoring at a prison this summer! I’ve wanted to be involved in the Prison University Project ever since I heard that graduate students at Berkeley (along with many other volunteers) can tutor and teach at San Quentin State Prison to provide a college education for students there. It seems like an incredible learning experience, and I’m told by everyone who’s done it that it’s been extremely valuable.

Posts about emotional growth and comments from the experiential content to come– thanks for being patient with me, everyone! I feel like there’s so much input right now that I’m slowing down for the moment, but in the end it’s going to be awesome :).


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