No post this week

Hey all :).

No post this week, for all happy reasons.

1) I’m doing Berkeley’s Data on the Mind workshop! It’s excellent; we learned webscraping today, which is something I’ve always had my eye on.

2) I’m working on a paper with many other people, which is due on Friday :). I’m not doing too much for it this week, but there’s still some work that has to be done!

3) The postdoc I work with is in town for the workshop, so I’m working with him and the general project’s development team on an experiment that’s been long coming.

4) I’m currently in experiential mode in terms of my personal projects, and so am not taking much time to reflect right now :). I can feel it coming– the need to introspect and sort through all of it– but it’s not there yet :).

Hope you all have great weeks!


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