No post this week

Hey all :).

It’s been a really good, fun week for me. I forget how much I like being busy, and finishing small day-to-day tasks that don’t have nearly the scale of most research projects (which go on for many months :)). I got a new bike, enjoy my new therapist, got help on one of my major stuck points on one of my projects, got stuck and then unstuck on a different project, sent a bunch of emails, am really enjoying my Dungeons and Dragons group (we’re on week 3), signed up for another hippie-woo workshop, met up with a friend from high school, made and gave a good presentation for class, am possibly soon going to be an egg donor, made and printed a research poster that I’ll be presenting tomorrow, got after-PhD advice from a lab postdoc, finished one of my animes that I watch while working out, acquired food and consumed food, went to class and did the reading for class…

It’s been busy, and I’ve been talking about introspective things a lot recently, so while I’m able to generate plenty of the introspective social nonsense that goes into my blog on the fly, nothing’s really urgent right now. Rather, I’m kind of just feeling contented / happy and that I should probably go to sleep, since I was up late making that poster last night and the next three days are the annual neuroscience program retreat. I’m excited to hang out with people I haven’t seen in a while there, and I’m also surprised because I’m a little bit sad I don’t get to make progress on my research projects– I like the project lineups I have right now, and I like being interested and ready to work on them.

In short, it’s smoky outside and the light is strange in midday because the colors look like sunset, but everything’s going well in my camp. Hope you all have great weeks, and until next time!


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