Update: I’ll be posting less regularly!

Hey all,

Hope you’re all well! Things have been busy lately: i.e., I’m being frightened into studying for my qualifying exam :P. The Quals exam isn’t a big deal, in that pretty much everyone in our department passes, but it would be prudent for me to pass so as not to fail out of this awesome PhD program I have going on :).

That’s the main factor why I might not be blogging for a while. However, I’ve also noticed that blogging has been becoming less “must do this once a week” in my head recently, which is cool because that means my perspectives are changing. I’m not sure how often I will be posting or if the content will change (at the moment, I’m thinking probably not) but I figured I might as well make an official intention announcement and everything given that less regular posting has been happening already :). (…and, like, there’s no lack of old content for people who really want the sense of my thought ramblings :P.)

The CFAR Mentor Training from late March was awesome, by the way, and I’m up to fun activities running around with the community here in addition to the usual teaching (still great) and studying (I’ll get there). Life’s pretty much moving along as usual on my front.

Talk to you later, and best wishes for the week!


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