…blogging will happen. But not right now :P

Readers, hello!

I am exploding with thoughts. It’s actually getting hard to sleep at night– too many thoughts. But I must be RESPONSIBLE and finish THIS PAPER and then come Friday I will be free :). I did end up turning in two fellowship applications last week, and I’m almost done with the less-intimidating of my final projects, so that has been going well!

The plan, if nothing comes up, is to write Saturday morning, and probably another time next week as well. I’ve got at least 10 hours worth of writing saved up, and will be so pleased when I can think things through and get all of the emotions/observations in order! I’ve progressed to the point where I’m now talking to myself on my bike rides, rather than just thinking, so that I can keep myself on one thinking track rather than getting distracted by all the wayward directions :).

Life’s excellent though, with stimulation and satisfying work and friends. Best wishes to you all, and good luck on finals if you have them!


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