Over and out

Hey everyone,

It’s deadline time again :). I’m not going to call this post yet another “Not A Post”, but I am mourning that I haven’t had time to put another 5-hour post out! (You know the really long, rambling ones? The ratio of writing time : reading time is something like 1 hour : 2 minutes, as far as I’ve heard from people :)).

Specifically, I have a paper due for both of my classes on May 12th, and my edits for my Cognitive Science Society Conference submission. You’d think that turning in the same paper for two classes would be a remarkably time-saving exercise, and it absolutely is. There is the interesting wrinkle that I have three professors all consulting on what analyses I should be doing, and they all have slightly different framings. However, this paper has been a great learning experience for exactly that reason—I’ve never had so many people weighing in on a research project, and by working together with everyone I’m getting all of the best conglomerated ideas. There are other advantages—research-based graduate classes are much easier than undergraduate classes in my opinion, and by the time I’m done with this paper it’ll be a good draft to shape up and send to an academic journal. At this point in time, the grad life is pretty darn fun :).

School is thus moving along! Because I’ve been focused on research and social experiences, I haven’t had as much time as I’d like to do the thinking work that this blog mainly expounds upon. This is always the tradeoff for me, because most of my social experiences have been about collecting the ideas to think about, and then I haven’t had the actual processing time to sort through the ideas. Ah well. This will be the last research deadline for a bit, so there will be time after :). In fun things I’ve done socially, this Saturday was my birthday! A bunch of friends made the trip down to Oakland with me and had dimsum. It’s always so much fun when I can gather friends to eat shrimp dumplings. (Not even kidding. This fact brings me a lot of joy, and this is one of the things I miss about Boston.)

Unfortunately, that’s pretty much going to be it for the next two weeks :). I’ll be working full steam ahead on research / school, while maintaining the best social activities and introspecting enough that I don’t anxiety-spiral myself into space :). I love how productive my introspective sessions are these days, and some of them are going to get transferred into blog form. Eventually.

Wishing you all the best for the next two weeks, and it’s on my calendar to do a really long one after everything’s been turned in. Thanks all for checking in :).



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