There’s something about talking with great couples,

The way they know each others’ stories so well

that all of their focus is on you,

The way they’ll say, tell her that one, that’s one of my favorites,

Hand-picked and hand-delivered.


I like talking with people who enjoy each other,

and who enjoy me enough to invite me in,

conversation easy and smooth and well-known,

quick smiles and casual affection interspersed.


I get two perspectives without competitiveness,

where no one has anything to prove,

two people instead of one to think of conversations,

yielding to each other by topic, and reminding each other of others.


It’s hard to find the great couples

People who I’m friends with individually,

and who are even better together.

Hard to balance all of those connections,

swing the focus, the dynamics.


But so lovely when it happens.

Here’s to all of you out there :).

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